Green design is the big buzzword right now, but how do you stay true to the environment without getting caught up in all the hoopla?

Crozier Architecture provides architectural design and LEED® consulting services to private clients, facility owners, small businesses, other architects, and contractors with an emphasis on:

      • ~integrated sustainable design solutions,
      • ~LEED® credit compliance coaching, and
      • ~LEED® certification documentation assistance.

Significant savings via ENERGY STAR

Building owners, are you considering facility improvements to increase the return on your investment and decrease your payback period?  Some fairly simple changes can earn you an  ENERGY STAR rating and put you well on your way to certification under LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance.

Consider that ENERGY STAR buildings:

  • ~cost $0.50 LESS per square foot to operate,
  • ~use about 35% LESS energy, and
  • ~have higher occupancy rates and  increased asset value than non-rated buildings.

(Statistics taken from www.energystar.gov/buildings.)