Greenville, South Carolina

Client: First Baptist Church of Greenville

LEED® Silver Certified | 2010

Architect:  Neal Prince

First Baptist Church established the goal of LEED certification to place an emphasis on the need to respect and help preserve the beautiful earth God provided for our home.

The Activities & Youth Ministry Center is a 2-story, 40,000 square foot facility that contains a gymnasium with a full-size basketball court as well as a concession area, walking track, classrooms, fitness rooms and game area.   The Activities Center’s sustainable approach focuses on improved indoor environmental quality through the use of low-VOC materials and high-performance HVAC systems, selection of regional and recycled materials, and low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water usage. The FBC Activities Center utilizes reflective roofing materials to reduce heat island effect and the work load of the mechanical systems in the building.  The Activities Center also provides bicycle storage, changing facilities, and priority parking for carpool and low-emitting/fuel-efficient vehicles. To encourage a connection with nature, the Activities Center establishes connections to outdoor paths and adjacent pedestrian trails with a visual connection through the use of windows and other walkways.

Project Achievements:

  • Plumbing fixture water savings | 44.8%
  • Anticipated energy savings | 18.8%
  • Construction waste diverted from landfill | 81.7%
  • Materials with recycled content | 21.7%
  • Regional materials used | 20.8%
  • Views to the outside possible from over 90% of regularly-occupied spaces