Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Client: Saint Clare Monastery

LEED® Silver Certified

Architect:  Batson Architects

The Franciscan Monastery of Saint Clare is the first monastery in the nation to be awarded LEED certification.  The new Monastery is a one-story structure, located on 14 acres in upstate South Carolina.  The building features two courtyards offering views to exterior gardens as well as natural lighting throughout the majority of the building.  The Monastery significantly reduces water consumption through the installation of high-efficiency, low-flow water closets, lavatories, and shower fixtures.   The Monastery site features a sustainable landscape planted with native and adaptive plant material, a temporary drip irrigation system which will be decommissioned after plantings are established, and 75% of the site has been restored to provide habitat and promote biodiversity.

Project Achievements:

  • Plumbing fixture water performance | 30.1%
  • Anticipated energy savings | 22.3%
  • Construction waste diverted from landfill | 57%
  • Materials with recycled content | 12.9%
  • Regional materials used | 27.8%