Greenville, South Carolina

Client: Furman University

LEED® Gold Certification

Architect:  Shepley Bulfinch + Neal Prince 

Duke Library was the second building on Furman University’s campus to receive LEED Gold certification. Daylight harvesting, a high performance building envelope, and CO2 sensors which modulate ventilation contribute to the 31.4% projected energy cost savings.  The building is one of the first in the southeast to include an exterior, spray on air barrier system approved by a member of the Air Barrier Association of America. Additional sustainable features include the reuse of 93% of the original structure and shell, bicycle racks to encourage alternative transportation, low-flow plumbing fixtures, low-VOC emitting materials, and native and adaptive vegetation to reduce heat island effect.

Project Achievements:

  • Plumbing fixture | 32%
  • Anticipated Energy Savings | 31.4%
  • Waste diverted from landfill | 79%
  • Materials with recycled content | 30%
  • Regional materials used | 40%