Spartanburg, South Carolina

Architect + Client: Craig Gaulden Davis

LEED® Silver Certified

Kuhn Hall is located on the campus of Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Kuhn Hall is a two and a half story classroom and faculty office building, previously utilized to support the College’s science programs. The building now houses the College’s Nesbit Honors Program, the psychology and technology departments and several smart classrooms which will encourage interdisciplinary, discussion-type learning. Kuhn Hall was constructed in 1967 and has undergone minor renovations. This renovation includes new windows, finishes, a complete overhaul and update of the building’s mechanical and electrical systems, and the reconfiguration of interior spaces to accommodate classroom and office functions.

Project Achievements:

  • Plumbing fixture | 23.4%
  • Anticipated Energy Savings | 12.6%
  • Waste diverted from landfill | 149.8 Tons
  • Materials with recycled content | 16.67%
  • Regional materials used | 24.89%